Building on a reputation that spans several decades, Norfolk Leaf Company Limited continues to provide superior quality leaf buying and processing services to Canadian tobacco growers. We contract directly with tobacco producers to insure that they are paid promptly and fairly for their hard work.

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Our Services

Green Leaf Buying and Receiving
  • Green tobaccos are shipped directly from contracted farming operations to Norfolk Leaf’s buying/receiving station.
  • Tobacco is purchased, internally graded and stored by individual customer and grades.
  • Bales are placed in rows in the humidified green storage area based on availability of blend components for processing.
  • All tobacco is received and stored at Norfolk Leaf’s facility.
  • Green tobacco is held in humidified storage for 48 to 72 hours at 18°C and 70% humidity prior to being processed.
Leaf Procurement
  • Direct contract with tobacco producers.
  • Contract offers: November/December.
  • Receiving/buying: August to November.
Quality Assurance
  • Norfolk Leaf has a processing Quality Assurance Department that is set up to handle a variety of customer specifications from standard “Cardwell” to “Coresta” methods on a 4 deck Quality Control Test Shaker (QCTS) to a Quality Control Stem Tester (QCST). These are used to measure the physical quality traits of the processed leaf.
  • We use meters throughout the operation as a guide to set and control the moisture levels. These are backed up by a dedicated staff who verifies oven moistures from receiving the raw leaf to the packed, unfinished manufacturing tobacco products in our warehouses. Norfolk Leaf uses one of the latest infrared chemistry and moisture testing methosd on site for fast turn-around results.
Whole Leaf Processing Services
  • Big tobacco bales(320 kg each) are placed on blending line and monitored by the grade inspector. Wire bands and cardboard slip-sheet are removed before bale is mechanically split by bale-splitter.
  • Weigh belts control the feed from the blending department.
  • Tobacco is conditioned in stainless steel ordering cylinders.
Quality Picking
  • Leaf passes over lamina rollers and an inspection belt where pickers can remove any NTRM (Non Tobacco Related Materials) or other undesirable product.
  • normally four pickers are used – varies due to individual customer requirements.
  • Five stages of threshing and separation consisting of: Cardwell/MacTavish threshers, MacTavish/Evans counterflow separators, MacTavish VLSC separators.
Product Screening
  • Vibrating conveyors are positioned throughout the processing lines to remove sand, fines and small lamina.
  • Two Proctor/Schwartz redryers, with four drying sections and four ordering sections are used to remove moisture from the strips.
  • Two Fishburne presses pack the product to predetermined density according to customer requirements.
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

Our Mission

To preserve and promote the rich heritage of the Canadian Tobacco Industry by partnering with the tobacco growing community to ensure superior quality tobacco leaf and services are delivered to our customers.


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